From dropship fulfillment to logisitics support, to product kitting, FSI is here to meet your needs!




  • Not enough storage space? FSI can store your merchandise in our expandable, temperature controlled warehouse. 
  •  We can use your stored inventory to ship orders to your customers or we can palletize shipments for delivery to your stores and larger customers.
  • Just looking for temporary storage?  We can store you palletized merchandise for any pre-determined amount of time for a flat rate.
  • FSI will integrate seamlessly with your company to receive your orders using the method of your choice;  from EDI to web interface to email, we are here to work with you. 
  • We process in real-time to UPS, FedEx and USPS platforms taking advantage of the best shipping method to get the merchandise to your customer with speed and cost-efficiency.
  • Tracking information is sent daily so your customers always know the status of their order - translating to a positive customer experience.
  • Currently using a drop-shipper? Let FSI handle the order processing for you.
  •  We will receive your orders using the method of your choice and send them off to your shipper via the method of their choice.
  • Let FSI handle dealing with your shipper and any shipping/delivery issues, allowing you to focus on creating excellent customer experiences.
  • Receive all of the same services as if we were shipping your product.